Another corridor closed due to failure of embankment

Date Published: 
13 Dec 2017

Effective immediately the main road between Green Hill and Keynsham in Manchester is closed. The road has had to be closed in the community of Evergreen, due to a major failure caused by the destruction of a storm water drain.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says that as part of improvement works along the corridor, storm water culverts made from High Density Plastic were installed.

He says one of the culverts was burnt from beneath the road, which led to the road collapsing during inclement weather now affecting sections of the island.

Mr. Shaw is advising that motorists wishing to travel to Evergreen from the direction of Mandeville to use the road through Mile Gully, Endeavour, Johns Hall, Medina and St. Paul. The reverse obtains for persons travelling in the opposite direction.

Mr. Shaw is once again reminding persons to exercise caution when clearing land in the vicinity of culverts as the use of fire in the process can prove catastrophic. In recent times the NWA has had to respond to several situations where culverts have been burnt from beneath roads, either due to negligence or malice.

Last weekend, the NWA had to close a section of the Martins main road in St. Mary in order to replace a burnt out culvert. The road had collapsed during recent heavy rains.