NWA closes the Passagefort Drive/Dyke Road with immediate effect

Date Published: 
15 Nov 2017

The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising the motoring public that Passagefort Drive in the vicinity of the Dyke Road is closed with immediate effect.

According to Communication and Customer Services Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw this is being done in order to protect the public from possible danger to life and property as storm water culverts in the area are collapsing.

The metal culverts have become defective due to significant corrosion and have been further compromised due to recent heavy rains.

During the period of closure motorists are being advised to continue to Dawkins Drive then on to George Lee Boulevard after exiting the Toll Road or continue along the Dyke Road then on to Municipal Boulevard. The reverse obtains when travelling out of the city.