NWA continues assessment of rain-related impact, new damage identified

Date Published: 
19 May 2017

The National Works Agency (NWA) is continuing its assessment of the impact that recent heavy rains would have had on roadways in the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon.

Communications and Customer Service Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, says the reports of impact so far are preliminary and assessment on the ground will continue until the current state of all NWA roads is known.

Mr. Shaw says attention is however usually given to a corridor once it is discovered impassable particularly where communities have been marooned or it provides access to critical services.

Ninety percent of the roadways which were reported impassable earlier this week have now been cleared.

The NWA is however currently assessing a section of the Manchioneal main road in Portland, which has been damaged by floodwaters, as heavy rains continue to affect the eastern parish.

The Vanity Fair to Tavern Hill roadway in St. Catherine remains impassable, so too the Sports Park to Post Road corridor, which was discovered blocked by landslides overnight.

Access to the town of Frankfield has been cut off travelling from Trout Hall, in the parish of Clarendon.

The National Works Agency is working to fix the badly severed road section temporarily with river shingles and boulders.

The NWA continues to urge motorists to proceed with extreme caution along affected roadways as it continues to rain, heavily at times, in some sections of Clarendon, St. Catherine and Portland.