The NWA now in Final Stages of Completion of $700 Million Dollar Road Infrastructure Programme in the West

Date Published: 
30 Nov 2017

The National Works Agency (NWA) is now in the final stages of completion of a $700 Million Dollar effort aimed at improving the road infrastructure in the Western Region.

Community Relations Officer of the NWA’s Western, Janel Ricketts, says the programme which commenced in April 2017, targeted five critical roadways. These are the Lethe to Copse roadway in Hanover; the road from Sign to Virgin Valley, Guava Walk, as well as the Williams Street to Flower Hill corridor in St. James. The programme also targeted the Wire Fence to Highgate Hall roadway in Trelawny.

 Ms Ricketts says that three of these projects are now substantially completed. These are the Lethe to Copse; Williams Street to Flower Hill and the Wire Fence to Highgate Hall roadways. Work continues in earnest on the Guava Walk and Sign to Virgin Valley projects. Ms Ricketts says that these projects are being delayed due to persistent rainfall, however works are expected to be completed in short order.

 The projects involve complete rehabilitation, to include significant drainage improvement, the reshaping and asphalting of roadways, and the construction of retaining walls.

These projects are being executed through the first phase, of the local component, of the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).

In the meantime, the NWA is finalizing arrangements to commence the second phase of the MIDP in the West. This will see six additional roadways being targeted for rehabilitation. These include the Sun Valley to Norwood roadway in St. James; the Smithfield main road in Hanover and the Comfort Hall to Wire Fence roadway in Trelawny.