Permanent change to be made to traffic flow along Barbican Road tomorrow

Date Published: 
13 Apr 2018
Come tomorrow, Saturday, April 14 Barbican motorists are to experience, for the first time, the new traffic flow that the National Works Agency (NWA) will be implementing in the area following the completion of road works. According to Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, these changes are permanent and is one of the primary outcome of the current road widening and improvement project along sections of Barbican and East Kings House Roads. He says as part of the changes the Loop Road along Loshusan’s northern boundary wall, which is currently used by motorists to access Barbican Road, will be closed to through traffic. Motorists will now travel directly to Barbican Square, at the intersection of Barbican and East Kings House Road, and will be able to make both left and right turns to travel towards Russell Heights or Liguanea. Left and right turns on to East Kings House Road from Barbican Road are still permissible. The new traffic flow will not affect access to the Loshusan complex. The traffic police have been engaged to assist with traffic management during morning and evening peak and road signs will be placed along the corridor to guide motorists during this period of transition. In the meantime, works are advanced to signalize some critical points along the roadway to facilitate the efficient movement of traffic through the area with the first traffic signal infrastructure slated to be installed in another seven days.  Traffic signals are to be installed at the East Kings House Road, Jacks Hill and Birdsucker intersections along Barbican Road.