Several roadways in St. Andrew and Western Jamaica impacted by inclement weather

Date Published: 
07 May 2018
The National Works Agency (NWA) is currently investigating reports of flooding, landslides and washed down silt impacting a number of roadways in St. Andrew and Western Jamaica as a result of the current inclement weather. Heavy equipment has been dispatched to a section of the Sir Florizel Glasspole Boulevard, in St. Andrew where work is currently underway to reopen a section of the carriageway to two-lane traffic. Both eastbound and westbound traffic is being accommodated on the westbound lane in the vicinity of Danny’s Marina as a result of debris and washed down silt. Work teams are on their way to the Mavis Bank, Papine to Redlight, Redlight to Hardwar Gap and Kintyre to Bull Bay main roads in St. Andrew to assess the severity of landslides which have been reported. Washed down silt is also impacting the Mount Pleasant and Stony Hill to Tom’s River main roads. The section of the Mavis Bank main road in the vicinity of the Louis Bennet Primary School has been reduced to single lane traffic and motorists are being advised to proceed with extreme caution along that corridor. Over in Western Jamaica, sections of the Three Miles River, Chantilly and Petersfield to Galloway Main Roads Westmoreland are flooded but passable. Landslides have also reduced sections of the Stettin to Highgate Hall main road in the communities of Wire Fence, Allsides and Wait-A-Bit in Trelawny to single lane traffic. The NWA continues to closely monitor the state of these and other roadways and will be providing relevant updates to the motoring public. The Agency continues to urge motorists to remain vigilant when travelling along roadways prone to landslides and not to attempt to cross roadways which are flooded.