Traffic signals in Bog Walk Gorge not in operation

Date Published: 
25 May 2017

The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising the motoring public that the traffic signals located at Flat Bridge in the Bog Walk Gorge, in St. Catherine are now out of operation, due to technical issues.

According to Manager of Communication and Customer Service at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, electrical components, which are critical to the operation of the traffic signals suffered significant damage during last week’s flood rains.

Mr. Shaw explains that the cabinet which houses the signal’s electrical controls was impacted by both water and heavy deposits of sand. Restoration of the cabinet will require some time and resources.

The agency is unable to say at this time when the repairs will be undertaken, however, an estimate of the damage has been prepared, which is a requirement for funds to be sourced to undertake the work.

The NWA is advising motorists to proceed with caution along the roadway and to treat the approaches to the Flat Bridge as a four-way crossing at which everyone must stop.